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Most family law issues arise from divorce. When a marriage breaks down, the subsequent divorce is seldom limited to receiving a divorce decree that ends the marriage and allows the parties to move on. Instead, divorce often involves children, money, property and the development of a new family structure. It can be very complicated. It is important to have a divorce lawyer who can create solutions to all divorce-related problems so to find solutions that work for you and your children.

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At our Tyler, Texas, law firm, our team focuses on protecting our clients’ interests during divorce. If the divorce includes kids, we fight for the best outcome for them. If property and money are a big concern, we work hard to ensure that the client emerges from divorce with the best possible financial situation. In short, we tailor our approach to our clients’ needs and desires. To learn how we can help you, call The Law Offices of Bruce D. Bain, PLLC at 903-730-6671 or send an email to schedule a confidential consultation.

A Legal Team Devoted to Your Concerns

At our law firm, you are in the driver’s seat. When you have questions, we answer them fully. When you want to achieve a particular goal, we work hard to make it happen. We respond with honest advice about strategies that will allow you to come out of divorce the way you wish. Divorce is a challenging experience, but our law firm will help you get through it.

How We Help

Our principal lawyer, Bruce D. Bain, and our experienced support staff handle all issues arising from divorce, including:

Our attorney is particularly adept at handling matters like these in the context of high-asset divorce. When complex property and financial issues are involved, it is important to have a divorce lawyer with knowledge of finance and real estate. Bruce D. Bain, in practice since 1994, understands the extra layer of complexity inherent in high-asset divorces. He will protect your interests.

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To get started, call The Law Offices of Bruce D. Bain, PLLC at 903-730-6671 or connect with us online to schedule a confidential consultation. Learn how we can help you get through this difficult time.