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Most divorce cases do not go to trial. They are usually resolved before trial because the parties agree on everything, or because the parties agree to negotiate or mediate. These approaches to dispute resolution have many benefits: They are less expensive, less confrontational, faster, and more likely to result in the desired outcome.

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At our Tyler, Texas, law firm, The Law Offices of Bruce D. Bain, PLLC, our principal lawyer is a certified mediator. This means he has the experience, training and knowledge to make sure that the process is fair and unfolds as intended. Let him put this experience to work preparing you for or representing you in your mediation. Learn more by calling our collaborative divorce law office at 903-730-6671 or email our team to schedule a confidential consultation.

Benefits of Mediation

The vast majority of divorces cases, if not resolved by agreement between the parties, are resolved before trial through mediation. This increasingly popular way of tackling contentious issues has numerous benefits that include:

  • Faster resolution: The parities can schedule mediation sessions whenever it works for them rather than being forced to follow a court schedule.
  • Enhanced privacy: Anything that happens in court is a public record, accessible to anyone. In contrast, mediation is private.
  • Helpful to children: Faster resolution means that children are trapped in limbo for less time. In addition, they could benefit from seeing their parents work together to resolve their differences.
  • Legally binding: Any agreement reached through mediation is as legally binding as a court order as long as all parties sign the documents.
  • Offers preparation for trial: In the event that issues cannot be resolved through mediation, the work done in preparation for mediation is transferable to trial.
  • Less expensive: Even when a mediated divorce requires multiple sessions to resolve all the disputed issues, it is less expensive than going to trial.
  • Gives parties more control over the outcome: You are not bound by what a judge decides. Rather, you and your spouse determine the outcome jointly.

Collaborative Law: Another Form of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Collaborative law provides another alternative to mediation or litigation. This type of process involves attorneys from both sides and working with clients on both sides. It also provides for discovery of evidence, something that is not part of mediation. In addition to lawyers, experts such as accountants, child welfare specialists, and appraisers may be present. There is no neutral third party (the mediator) in collaborative divorce. It has many of the benefits of mediation, including privacy, something that is often attractive to couples involved in high-asset divorce.

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Our attorney, Bruce D. Bain, both represents clients during collaborative divorce and serves as a neutral third party during mediations. Contact him to learn more about the pros and cons of each approach. Call 903-730-6671 or email us via our Contact page to schedule a confidential consultation.