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Issues related to property and assets in divorce are almost as contentious as issues involving children. Law governs property division in divorce if the parties cannot agree. Because Texas is a community property state, any property or income acquired during a marriage is owned jointly and is considered community property. Income and property acquired before the marriage, or inheritances and gifts, are generally not community property but called separate property.

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Being a community property state does not mean that all property and assets must be divided in half and distributed equally. The court considers a number of factors when couples cannot agree about property division. At our Tyler law firm, attorney Bruce D. Bain helps clients receive all the property and assets to which they are entitled under the law. We also help clients protect their separate property by keeping these assets out of the community property accounting. To learn how we can help you, call us at 903-730-6671 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation.

Examples of How We Help Clients

Our law firm handles matters involving clients with significant assets and property, including owners of oil and gas wells, ranches, family businesses, people with significant stock options and other deferred compensation. There are many ways that we can help clients protect their assets, including:

  • Identifying fault in the breakup of a marriage; Texas law allows an innocent spouse to receive more than would normally be the case
  • Working with a certified public accountant (CPA), either the client’s or one of our firm’s consultants to identify hidden assets
  • Projecting the earning capacity of each spouse
  • Identifying property outside Texas
  • Determining whether the other spouse used community property to buy gifts for a lover or to engage in criminal behavior
  • Identifying potential reimbursement claims, such as a separate vacation cottage that was maintained with community property

By working with forensic accountants and investigators, our lawyer can often identify multiple reasons to deviate from the Texas community property law. This is particularly true in cases involving significant or complex assets and businesses. Our goal is help clients obtain all the assets they deserve. Our attorney does this by negotiating, going to trial or using dispute resolution approaches such as mediation . In short, he uses the best method to get the best results for clients.

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To learn how we can help you achieve the best possible outcome during the property division process, call our Tyler attorney today. Call our legal team at The Law Offices of Bruce D. Bain, PLLC at 903-730-6671 or email our property division lawyer to schedule a confidential consultation.