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Technically, alimony does not exist in Texas. Rather, the law calls it spousal maintenance. Despite this, people still refer to alimony when discussing payments from one ex-spouse to the other. In recent years, alimony has become more common because of changes in Texas law. However, it is still only available under certain circumstances. An experienced family law attorney can advise you about your eligibility for alimony or the possibility you might need to pay it.

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Information About Texas Alimony: Contractual or Temporary?

In certain circumstances, usually when one spouse is disabled, Texas courts can award permanent alimony. Otherwise, courts can only order temporary spousal maintenance for up to five, seven or ten years based on disparities in income, length of the marriage, and assets and debts. The amount of the award is limited.

Contractual alimony, as opposed to court-ordered alimony, has no limit on duration or amount. It is often used in high-asset divorce cases as a bargaining chip for favorable terms for property division or other issues. The amount and duration become part of the divorce settlement or contract.

Depending on the client, there are generally two issues with alimony. The lower earning spouse worries about having enough money. The higher earning spouse worries about paying too much support, either temporarily or as part of a contractual agreement. Our experienced alimony lawyer can advise about the best course of action.

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